PROJECT thirteen supports the growth of creative businesses by creating a framework for sustainable development through collaborative exchange, education, networking and community. The residency series looks to hand over the building's public facing space to curators, collectives, artists and designers who interrogate sustainable narratives through their practice.


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Maggio grew up in a family dedicated to theatre and supporting those less able through the medium of art. After graduating with a BA in Economics and Development from SOAS University, she has worked with art-focused charities in London. PROJECT thirteen was born from the observations of these two worlds.

Maggio Carizi

Founder and director

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Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos is an established art advisor to several important global collections and is one of the founding partners of London’s Neon Art Gallery. He is also a business and consumer psychologist of global renown, serving as a professor and researcher at University College London and credited for being a pioneer in establishing the study of consumer psychology in the UK. Due to his expertise across varied fields of consumer behaviour, the arts, academia and media, he is frequently sought out as a commentator for the BBC, Sky News and other television outlets, and is a regular consultant for such leading publications as The Guardian, The Times, Vice and Esquire. He has also served as a consultant for leading multinational companies, including Goldman Sachs, Unilever, Sales Force, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Volvo, Samsung, Heathrow Airport, Facebook and the NHS, to name a few.

David Allen, a Chartered Surveyor, is Founder and Managing Partner of Chayton Capital, a private equity real estate company focused mainly on Central and Southern Eastern Europe.  He led the development of Swan Office and Technology Park, the first Green office building in Bucharest, winning several Environmental and Sustainability awards.  Prior to this he was a Partner at Knight Frank and also was based in the CEE/SEE region from where he ran his own real estate consulting company and served as advisor to many entities, including several governments and international organisations. He has a keen interest in the arts and fashion.

Pelham Olive is a serial entrepreneur with a deep and practical desire to act to reduce the effects of climate change. His two principal sustainable properties are:-

 Carrick Castle Estate

In Scotland the Carrick Castle Estate has been assembled from three hill farms and transformed into an economically-sustainable business dedicated to carbon reduction. A zero-carbon lodge has been constructed and is used as a wedding venue, a commercial hydroelectric generation scheme is about to be completed, and over two million trees have been planted. The forest will absorb circa 400,000 tons of carbon during its growing cycle.  

13 Soho Square

Pelham has obtained planning permission to restore 13 Soho Square as a dwelling house with a BREEAM Outstanding rating of sustainability. Once the refurbishment will be completed the CO2 emissions will drop from an estimated 58 tonnes per annum at present to less than eight tonnes per annum.